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Fruit and vegetable group Refal sp. z.o.o. was formed in 2009 on the initiative of the fruit growers of the Sandomierz County. The group is mainly concerned with storage, sorting and selling of apples; however, other fruit and vegetables are also on the offer. The group?s buildings and facilities include: air conditioned refrigerator rooms, a sorting room, rest and refreshment rooms and an office. They are based in Łukawa (10 km from Sandomierz).

The total orchard area exceeds 250 ha and we are now producing 12 ton of apples. The production focuses primarily on dessert apples. Pear trees, plum trees, sour cherry and cherry trees and various vegetables are grown on a lower scale. Having undergone the water unloading process, fruit and vegetables are prepared on the sorting line ?Perfect?. The apple varieties that are on the offer all the time include: Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Gala Must, Idared, Jonagored, numerous mutations of Jonagolda, Elise, Szampion and others. Fruit are packed in many different ways, however, always according to the customer?s request.

 As the group holds the Integrated Production Certificate and the Global G.A.P, our clients can be assured that our fruit and vegetables are of top quality.

The group?s main goal is to maintain the high quality of our fruit and vegetables as well as to meet the requirements set by our clients.




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