Pięciolecie firmy REFAL

      Dnia 30 Maja 2014 roku odbyło się uroczyste spotkanie z okazji pięciolecia firmy Refal oraz uznania naszej grupy za Organizację Producentów Owoców i Warzyw. Do siedziby firmy w Łukawie przybyli licznie zaproszeni goście. Byli wśród nich przedstawiciele Urzędu Marszałkowskiego na czele z członkiem zarządu Panem Kazimierzem Kotowskim z Kielc, Agencji Restrukturyzacji i Modernizacji Rolnictwa reprezentowanej przez Panią Dyrektor Magdalenę Kędzierską , Starostwa Powiatowego w Sandomierzu oraz innych grup z regionu sandomierskiego, władze samorządowe oraz udziałowcy grupy.



Founding of the SAN-EXPORT-GROUP

Refal Sp. z o. o.  is one of five fruit and vegetable growers groups thanks to which the SAN-EXPORT-GROUP SP. Z O. O was founded. The new company, that takes the advantage of the quality and richness of the local soils, will be mainly occupied with contracts negotiations as well as the sale of huge consignments of fruit on foreign markets. The company will also set its sight on the fruit and vegetable promotion in the region of Sandomierz County

XI Congress of Polish Exporters

On November, 22 in Warsaw, the XI Congress of Polish Exporters was held  at a Minisrty?s of Economy conference room ?Pod Kopułą?. The point of the venture in question was to indicate the course of action for the pro-export economy development. Among the participants and guests were: numerous representatives of various export companies, government administration members, heads of: WPHiL, Polish Embassies in: Germany, in Russia, in the United Kingdom, in Ukraine, the representatives of the Consulate General of Shanghai as well as some journalists. The topics on the agenda were: the efficiency of export financial support, promotional resources as well as spending of the EU funds on pro-export activities. The congress was held under the honorary patronage of the deputy prime minister, Janusz Piechociński - the Minister of Economy, Eugeniusz Grzeszczak ? the vice-marshal of the lower chamber of the Polish parliament, Stanisław Kalemba ? Minister of Agriculture and a few province marshals.

Our Lovely Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship

On November, 21 the Our Lovely Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship gala was organised. The event was held by ?Echo Dnia?. It was the sixth edition of the contest which goal is to promote the high quality products and services provided by the companies of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. Our company was award  with the emblem Our Lovely Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. The award in question ? the Table Apples Award -   was handed over to our dircetor. It entitles us to use the quality mark Our Lovely Świętokrzyskie for the next two years.

WorldFood Moscow 2013

International WorldFood Moscow Exhibition has been held in Moscow annually since 1992. It is considered one of the most important and most prestigious fruit and vegetable-related events. This year, the exhibition took place between 16 ? 18 September and gathered more than 1600 exhibitors from all around the world, for example: from Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, South Africa and China.

Our company, represented by a few delegates, also took part in the event presenting our products at our stall. During the exhibition, we had a splendid opportunity to interact, present our trade offer as well as have a word with potential clients. All that was possible thanks to a huge number of visitors; more than 30 thousand turned up.

The guest of honour of the 22nd WorldFood Moscow exhibition was Undersecretary of State Tadeusz Nalewajk who honoured our company?s stall with a visit.